The organization of projects, activities, control of customer service and other business routines is essential for orderly growth and optimization of results.
We have developed an intranet solution, allowing the total centralization of the daily routines of the company with dynamism and simplicity.



In Brazil, more than 102 million (source Ibope 2013) of people access the internet daily to buy, sell, relate to other people, consult, search, download files, search for companies, products, news, entertainment, etc.

The projects developed by Intregrate Software follow the Web Standard standards, governed by the W3C - World Wide Web Consortium. When developing and hosting your website at Integrate, you are a website based on the most modern technologies for internet - The HTML5 + CSS3 double!

Because they are developed in Web Standard standards, governed by the W3C, search engines such as Google, Altavista, Bing, etc. easily index the texts of your website.

Integrate Software, over the years, has been working on the development of company websites that expect agility, speed, dynamism and efficiency of its sites.

E-mail Marketing

Perspective Tracking

Using automatic responses. Send a series of personalized e-mail messages at intervals you define yourself. It's like having your own sales team dedicated to working for you full time.

Campaign Stats Sent

After sending an email marketing campaign you can follow the detailed statistics such as: opening fees, removals, referrals and also visualize how many subscribers clicked on a particular link (if this option is active) ), etc.

Schedule Your Campaigns Easily

You can schedule the sending of your campaigns by scheduling the date and time, making your day to day easier.

View E-mail Segments

A thread is a filtered view of one or more contact lists. You can view the contacts by segments and even send campaigns to a certain segment.

Automate Contact Management

Automatically convert prospects into opportunities when your customer opens a specific email and clicks on a special link. The system can remove idle prospects from your list or even send an email when a special link is clicked.

Mantenha as suas Listas Limpas e Atualizadas

Através do processamento automatizado de e-mails devolvidos. Endereços de e-mail inválidos podem ser removidos da sua lista automaticamente com base nas "Regras Inteligentes de Retorno", ajudando-o a manter a sua alta taxa de entrega.


Your information and your customers along with the campaigns will be stored within the strictest security criteria in the Integrate Software database and will be treated in accordance with the ABEMD (Brazilian Association of Direct Marketing) code of ethics. For details on the code, visit


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